Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2013
Interviews | By: Dr. Rachit Bhushan | Ranchi

Novelist:Rohit Gore

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Meet Rohit Gore the author of novels CIRCLE OF THREE, A DARKER DAWN and FOCUS, SAM. His fourth novel entitled THE GUARDIAN ANGELS will be released in a few months from now.After his engineering degree, he was based in Mumbai. An MBA from S P Jain Institute followed and since then he is in the Consulting industry.
He loves sports, specifically the discussing and watching part of it, since the playing days are long gone. He has travelled a lot – a consequence of living in Mumbai and London. His greatest passion is reading and it inspired him to write. He is a frequent contributor to many online writing forums and wishes there were more writing groups

His last novel CIRCLE OF THREE is the story of three people who have lost all hope in life. One day, their paths cross and their destinies are forever altered. It is about finding a new beginning in life, of forgiving and ultimately, finding hope.

All his novels have achieved critical acclaim.

Can I dare to hope that fans of Chetan Bhagat will branch out and discover Rohit Gore, whose language is as simple but less affected, whose values and perceptions are straighter and more dignified? – Saaz Agarwal, Eminent author and literary reviewer.

‘Circle of Three’ is reassuring in a way that it reinstates the fact that life is too important to be wasted away by hating others and harbouring pessimism. – Arunima Mazumdar in Times of India.
He currently lives in Pune , a wonderfully vibrant city with his wife Pranita. He has a keen interest in history, especially the history of music and arts. One of the things he would like to get better at is photography.The best part of his is that even after writing for big houses Rupa Publications and GrapeVine he is very much grounded and wants to contribute more to the literary world.rohit


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