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Why Junk Food should be Banned in Schools Immediately

Burger and pizza have taken over home cooked food. With the advent of 21st century, the lifestyle of people has changed dramatically and this has led to increase in health problems. The increased use of drugs and stimulants has worsened the situation. The main reason why people of earlier generation last long is that they have a very regulated routine. Early to bed and getting up on time with properly balanced diet is what they have followed since childhood and this is the secret behind their immunity levels being so strong.Now come to the core point why Junk Food should be Banned in Schools right now!

Why Junk Food should be Banned in Schools Immediately

  • As per the current state, it can be said that junk food and unhealthy habits lead to chronic health disorders. Your digestion power is tampered, kidneys face difficulty infiltration and liver degrades rapidly. Once these three get involved it directly puts pressure on heart and lungs and slowly the own strength of the body gives up.
  • Sleeping late, alcohol and cigarette, untimely eating habits and stress contribute to it further. We cannot just put aside such problems and say that the young generation responsible for it solely. It is also because of lack of awareness.
  • If kids are being given health education right from root level their thoughts may get mold. They may understand the value of a health in their lives. Also, counseling of parents should be done so that they know how they can check such issues at the right time.
Junk Food Should be Banned in Schools

Junk Food Should be Banned in Schools

We asked a few youngsters from schools and tried to find out whether they are given any specific kind of tips or if there are any special classes arranged to guide them for a healthy lifestyle to which Alan Susi said ‘’We have little knowledge on how to keep ourselves healthy but then half knowledge is dangerous’ ’.

Plex Wright, a teen, says ‘’In my daily life I see my friends smoking and having a very ignorant attitude towards health but I am sure if they get proper guidance from teachers and parents their thoughts can be curbed’’. So this is where our society has landed up.

We want it to be a disease free area but how much we are working on it, is the basic question that arises in my mind very often. We must realize that it is our people and our health who will get affected if we do not open our eyes at the right time.

To the young generation all they need to do is follow the basics in life:

  1. Get up on time and have your food without much delay.
  2. Avoid late night sleep.
  3. Eat healthy food like vegetables and fruits.
  4. Avoid consuming stuff that has poisonous content in it like cigarette and alcohol.
  5. If you there is something you do not understand and continue to face a health problem, just consult your doctor.

If a teen can follow the above basic steps in your life, believe me, you will be the richest person on this planet because health is something that is priceless. So, this is why our schools should pay heed to this issue and Junk Food should be Banned in Schools Immediately.


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